Service Department

ACME BIKES! has a full service department equipped to handle all of your bicycle repair and tuning needs.  We have experienced mechanics able to quickly fix flat tires while you wait, or drop off your bike for professional service work to be performed.  We specialize in hydraulic brakes, suspension fork and shock servicing, dropper post maintenance and suspension pivot replacements.

Here are a few of the services we offer:

  • Tune-up:  Adjustment of the front and rear derailleurs, front and rear brakes, hubs, bottom bracket, headset.  Includes truing of the wheels, lubing the chain, airing up the tires, checking bolt tightness, light cleaning and a test ride.  $85
  • Drivetrain cleaning: Degreasing of chain, derailleur pulleys, cogset and chainrings.  $50 ($35 w/ tune-up)
  • Derailleur Adjustment: Accurate tuning of a derailleur’s limit screws and cable tension.   $15 each
  • Suspension Fork Overhaul:  Removal of fork fluid and old seals, cleaning fork internals, replacing fork fluid and dust/oil seals.  Setting air pressure to proper PSI.  $50-$120 (fork seals not included)
  • Tubeless Tire Conversion:  Looking to go tubeless?  We can take your UST, TLR or regular wheels and tires and convert them to a high traction, low-pressure tubeless setup.  $15-$30 per wheel.
  • Rear shock service:  Remove rear shock from frame, cleaning shock inner components, replace seals and suspension fluid.  $40 (seal kit not included, $20-$35)

       Here’s the full list:


Tune Up

  Basic                                    $85
   Tandem                               $100
  Singlespeed                         $50
 w/Drivetrain cleaning              $120
 Drivetrain Cleaning                  $50
Drivetrain Installation              $50
Pro Bike Build/Frame Swap     $170


Refresh Tubeless Sealant  – While you wait       $7
Tube/Tire Installation – While you wait            $10
Tube/Tire Solid Axle– While you wait               $12
 UST/TLR Tire Install       $15
Non UST Tubeless Tire Inst.    $30
True Wheel – Minor                 $15
 True Wheel – Major                $25
Build Wheel                           $100
Replace Broken Spoke             $20
Replace Spoke(rear/cass/disc) $35
 Install Replacement Wheel      $25
Install Sew-up                        $40
Install Cassette/ FW       $12


Adjustment each                    $15
Hanger & Derailleur Adjust      $25
Installation                            $25
Installation w/Purchase            $15
 Cable Installation                    $15
Cable Install w/ tune-up           $10
Internal Cable Install              $35
Pulley Installation                    $10
Chain Installation                    $15
Install Shifters(no brakes)        $50
Install Shifters w/brakes          $80


 Adjustment                           $20
Overhaul Hub                         $35
Replace Freehub Body            $30

Handlebars & Stems

Replace Handlebars       $25
Tape Road Bars                     $15
Replace old type stem             $30
Replace Faceplate Stem           $15
 Install Grips                           $5
Install Bar Ends                      $12
Cut Handlebars                      $10

Forks & Dropper Posts

 Install Fork                            $50
 Fork Service (Fit + Rock Shox)      $50
Fork Service w/ damper bleed $75
Frk Serv w/(TALAS or damper rbld)$120
Hydraulic Dropper Service        $80
Install Hydraulic Dropper Post $40
 Install External Cable dropper     $25


Dropout Alignment                  $15
Ream Seat Tube                    $15
Replace Pivot Kit                   $100
Replace Pivot Kit (Single Pivot)   $45
Overhaul Rear Shock              $40


Adjustment each                        $15
 Installation                                $20
 Installation w/Purchase                $15
Pad Installation                          $15
Pad Install w/Purch (not disc)      $10
Cable Installation                        $15
Lever Installation                       $20
Brake Bleed – Minor                   $25
Hose, Piston or Master Cylinder install     $45
 Install Disc Rotor                        $10


Adjustment                               $12
 Installation                                $40
 Overhaul                                   $40
Face Head Tube                         $60

Bottom Bracket/Cranks

BB Adjustment                           $20
BB Overhaul                              $40
Installation                                $30
Install Chainring(s)            $25


Clean Bike                                 $40
Clean Bike with Tune-up              $20
Install Pedals                             $5
 Install Seat                                $5
 Install Toe Clips                         $10
Install Rear Rack                        $15
Install Front Basket                     $10
Install Baby Seat&Rack or Fenders$25


Install Computer                        $20
Install Computer w/Purchase        $10
Install Cadence Computer            $25
Install Cadence Comp  w/Purchase    $15

Boxing & Shipping

 Box Bike                                   $75
Build Boxed Bike                        $85
Facilitate UPS Pickup                   $10
Minimum Labor Rate                   $5
 FREE ACME Tune                          $0






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